Dreamette Plus Java

Owning an Icon

Like apparently everyone else in Jacksonville and NE Florida, I loved grabbing an ice cream treat from the Dreamette in Murray Hill. Every once in a while I would drive all the way from Middleburg without the excuse of needing to go to town!
Admittedly part of the reason was that I knew the owner, Johnny Nettles. I met Johnny about the time he was retiring from the Police Force and was looking to start a business. We worked together for a few years until he had the chance to buy the Dreamette. We stayed friends after that so I got to see the Dreamette operation from the “inside”.

New Generation

A few years ago Johnny decided to open up the Dreamette name to a new generation of owners that were excited about being involved with a great tradition in our little corner of Florida and after dragging my feet for a little while I decided to take the plunge and bring a Dreamette to the beautiful town of Orange Park. Sitting right alongside the St Johns River we believe we are the right business in the right place to become a Clay County tradition.

Today and the Future

Since we opened up in late September 2022 I have heard story after story of people growing up going to the original! I’m beginning to believe that every person in Jacksonville at one time in their life lived within walking distance of it. I have heard so many variations of the same memories, “I grew up going to it”, “my parents took me”, “my grandparents took me”.  I have heard some very seasoned citizens saying that is where they met their spouse or it was the first date.  Please keep bringing these great stories, I love hearing them.
If the next 30 years is as much fun as the first 30 days have been, then my only regret will be that I didn’t do this sooner!  Have an ice cream everybody!  It will make you smile. 


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